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pop vocal chops

Modern Pop Vocal Chops


Modern Pop Vocal Chops from Diginoiz contains great sounding, radio ready chopped vocal loops and some midi files with chords that fit the vocals.

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vocal chops

Edm Vocal CHops


Vocal chops in Edm style! 50 great sounding vocals ready to be a part of your upcoming project, also great fo any kind of modern music!

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female vocals

Red Lips Vocals 4


Female vocals for professional producers and composers in R&B / Pop genre. Inspiredy by Taylor Swift, Niykee Heaton, Ciara, Justin Bieber and others!

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rnb vocals

Red Lips Vocals 3


Incredible Rnb vocals for pro producers, composers, songwriters, artists. Extremly melodic, catchy and radio ready! 

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