Perfect drums need a perfect bass to make a perfect song

Your favourite instrument for deep and
warm basses and 808s

What is it?

SUBDIVINE is a playable library of bass samples with the interface of a synth. It was created by experienced sound designers and music producers to provide efficient workflow and usability combined with the best possible sound with lots of low end and that stylish 808 flavor. Perfect for Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Future R&B, Soul and Neosoul, Pop and any genre that bases on… bass!

Subdivine sound
Subdivine workflow
Subdivine drive
Subdivine design
Subdivine interface
Subdivine sound


100 Presets from SUBDIVINE are divided into two groups: Analog - sampled from some of the best analog synths and Digital - sampled from some great digital instruments. Every preset has its own character and unique sound that can be formed with ADSR envelope and enhanced with Drive. And of course, there’s glide and a pitch wheel.

Subdivine workflow


Range of SUBDIVINE’s sounds was deliberately narrowed to two octaves in order to keep the library compact, and the instrument efficient in providing the highest quality low end at any workstation. SubDivine is simple, intuitive and extremely easy to use.

Subdivine drive


The Drive! Well, this is where the ride begins! SUBDIVINE’s Drive consists of  7 different types of distortion with different sensitivities, all of them emulations of top quality analog and digital hardware. Thanks to Drive the sound can be slightly warmed up or distorted like in the sickest drops humanity ever heard!

Subdivine design


Even with a simple instrument it can take a while of staring at your monitor and listening to your monitors to tweak that perfect sound. We thought of that too, so apart from having some great sounds SUBDIVINE has a modern, easy on the eye visual design.

Why should you get SubDivine?

For as many reasons as you can think of, among which id it’s efficiency - why waste time browsing through numerous sample libraries in search of a good 808 bass when you can have all the possibilities in just one tool? Turn it on, choose a preset, adjust the glide, add some drive and done - your spared yourself half a day of finding the right sound! 

Great selection of sounds, just the right amount of control over them. SUBDIVINE allows to quickly create good sounding basslines, which makes it a perfect instrument for every busy producer.
Donatan, diamond & multi-platinum music producer
Not only quality, but speed too are these days the factors that make a good beatmaker. With SUBDIVINE I can act fast and immediately get awesome low end.
RX, multi-platinum music producer
808 is all about character, timbre, thickness, fatness, quality! And you can't have a good modern tune without those features, so you better get SUBDIVINE and stop asking if your sound is good enough!
Apolo, up and coming music prodcuer
Below you will find some audio examples. All bass/808 sounds you can hear in these beats are from SUBDIVINE.

Frequently asked questions

System requirements
apple windows
64-bit CPU with SSE3 support, we recommend minimum 8GB of system RAM and 10GB of free space on the system drive. Since sounds are loaded into RAM you will need about 200MB of free RAM during work.

We recommend latest versions of operating systems but minimal requirements are:

Windows 7 64-bit for PC
MacOS 10.12 64-bit for Apple Mac

Catalina is fine too!
Just run the plugin’s installer and expansion packages. Remember to install both the plugin and expansions on yours system drive.
If you bought Subdivine by third party distributor as for example ADSR, Plugin Boutique, BigFish etc. you'll need to register your code (voucher) at our redeem website (click here).
Subdivine drive strength value is linked to MIDI Modwheel to make it easier to accent sounds during playing live. It grabs value from your MIDI keyboard. To disable it follow your DAW manual.
The plugin comes in VST3 and AU formats.
All DAWs that support VST3 (Windows) or VST3/AU (MacOS) are compatible. VST2 support is not enough, thus Maschine and AKAI MPC Studio are examples of programs that are not currently compatible.

Ableton version lower than 10.1 doesn't support VST3 so you need external wrapper/rack to run it.
Please be informed that we deliver only VST3 or AU and only 64-bit formats which your DAW has to support.
Check your DAW plugins user paths. Sometimes they can differ from the plugin installation path (See: Where are my files installed?)

Ableton (Live 10.1 or higher)
Please make sure you enabled VST3 system folder in Settings window. Then rescan all plugins.
[Click here for more details]

Logic Pro
Please restart your computer after installation, sometimes AU plugins require that, then rescan all plugins in Logic plugin manager.
[Click here for more details]
Plugin package weights a few megabytes. Each expansion weights about 1GB before installation. After installation each expansion may use about 1.5GB of disk space.
VST3 file is always installed in the system path [Click here for more details] no matter which folder you select during installation. This path is for common files only and we recommend to leave it in the default state.
Exps and libraries are installed in the following locations:

C:\ProgramData\Diginoiz\lib\bass [Windows]
/Library/Diginoiz/lib/bass/ [MacOS]