• vocal samples

    Modern Pop Vocal Chops 3

    Chopped Vocal Samples from Diginoiz in Modern Pop / Trap / R&B Genre. 50 Vocal Chops and 50 Midi Chord Loops That Fit The Vocals.
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    All In One – Vocal Chops Bundle

    68.70 22.90
    Vocal Chops Bundle From Diginoiz! Only 22.90 E instead of 68 E. 250 Modern Pop Vocal Chop Loops and 100 Midi files with chords that fit to the chop loops!
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    All In One – High Heel Vocals

    112.00 39.90
    All In One - High Heel Vocals! Bundle with vocal samples / vocal construction kits made from Diginoiz best selling High Heel Vocals sereis
  • female vocals

    Red Lips Vocals 4

    Female vocals for professional producers and composers in R&B / Pop genre. Inspiredy by Taylor Swift, Niykee Heaton, Ciara, Justin Bieber and others!
  • rnb vocals

    Red Lips Vocals 3

    Incredible Rnb vocals for pro producers, composers, songwriters, artists. Extremly melodic, catchy and radio ready! 
  • Red Lips Vocals 2

    Highest quality vocals with warm sound and catchy, radio ready melodies,
  • High Heel Vocals 5 – Trap & South

    Vocals with catchy melodies, swag hooks with hood vibe and warm sound
  • High Heel Vocals 4

    Probably best vocal sample pack ever! :)
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    Diginoiz Vocal Sampler

    22.00 5.00
    Diginoiz Vocal Sampler
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    Short Skirt Vocals 2

    22.00 5.00
    Highest quality vocal samples including: one shot vocalizations and vocal sequences.
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    Short Skirt Vocals

    25.00 5.00
    Collection of 230 one shot vocalizations plus 23 one shot sequences
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    High Heel Vocals 2

    24.00 5.00
    10 perfectly sounding, melodic vocal construction kits with vocal loops and vocalization.
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    High Heel Vocals Vol. 1

    19.00 5.00
    R&B / Pop style female vocal construction kits! You will love this product!